Where to?

You can order online then your order will be delivered to your home/business.

  1. Put the name of the person the order is for here.

  1. If there is anything important we need to know about delivery, please let us know here. We'll remember this for your next order. You can leave notes about what is in your order later in the checkout

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You can order online then your order will be available in-store for collection, or we can send it Christmas Island or Cocos Islands

  1. E.g. when are you planning to pick up

  1. We dispatch orders fortnightly on a Thursday. You will receive your order the next day.
    Unless you specify a certain date, we will pick and dispatch your order at the next available opportunity.
    Please pick your order up from the air-port on Christmas or Cocos Island

  2. You can collect your order in-store - just come to the Customer Service desk.

  3. We can deliver your goods by ship, which can take over a month to get to you. You will need to open an account with Zentners. Their phone number is 9434 5911. They will let you know what their fees are, which would be cheaper than air freight. We charge $20.00 for delivery to Zentners as it is a fairly long drive from our store.

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